True Hourly Wage
True Hourly Wage
Grow the value of your time.

Change the way you think about your time and your money.


Income Growth is an illusion.

Growing your TRUE hourly wage is the real measure of financial progress.


Meet me, Kyle Mast, CFP®

Hi, I’m Kyle. I live just south of Portland, Oregon with my lovely wife Hannah and young son, Randon.

I launched this site in order to be able to help more people than I am able to serve individually in my financial planning practice. The ideas I share here are near and dear to my heart and come from over 10 years in financial planning with clients as well as through my own personal experience.

The concept of knowing, tracking, and improving your TRUE hourly wage has become on anchoring point for me in my work with clients as well as in my own life. It is the overarching metric by which I track my financial progress.

My hope is that somewhere in these pages you are able to find at least one idea or concept that will improve your financial and personal life today and well into the future.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about me and what else I’m up to, here are a few links:

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Twitter handle @financialkyle.


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